Covet List

Covet List: Household Hardware

February 3, 2014 | Alex

This time of year, I try to tackle nagging household projects. Funds are depleted from the holidays. I'm spending a disproportionate amount of time at home, huddled under blankets and watching Scrubs on Netflix. (Can you believe we're in the midst of yet another snow storm?) It's a good time to take stock of my environment and focus on cheap, inexpensive fixes: to change the lightbulb that burned out in October; to tighten the hook that's come loose, thanks to the heft of my new turkish towels.

In this "fixer upper" mindset, my covet list skews to hyper-practical housewares (and a pair of earrings that could be a simple, constant reminder to stay on top of repairs):

Covet List - Hardware.jpg


  1. GAM 6-in-1 Hammer, Dry Goods Brooklyn - $22
  2. 2Hang/Toggle, Walhub - $15.95
  3. Toolbox by Vitra, DWR - $60
  4. Equilateral Nails (set of 4), Winsome Brave - $28
  5. Folding Step Stool, Rockler Woodworking - $9.99
  6. Tiny Screw Stud Earrings, LEIF - $25

Covet List: Christmas 2013

December 20, 2013 | Alex

I can be a tricky person to buy for. When friends and family ask what I want, all I can think is, "actually, what I really want is less stuff!" Lucky for me, Fjallraven just gave me the best Christmas present I could dream up. Even an aspiring minimalist like me can never have enough once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

But that still leaves the question of my Christmas List. (The Korsgaard-Kalita household strictly adheres to lists when it comes to birthdays and holidays.) So instead of things I want, I tend to go for things I need in the worst way...but of better construction than I'd buy if I were shopping for myself.



  1. Wooden Paddle Hairbrush, Aveda - $20
  2. Pin 12 Le Labo, Barneys - $60
  3. ØÅ Face Oil, PLANT Brooklyn - $40
  4. 802-gram Turkish Towels, Restoration Hardware - $28 ea.
  5. 10" Sherling-Lined Bean Boots, LL Bean - $179
  6. 6-cup Coffee Maker, Chemex - $41.50

Yes, I'd eventually replace the 5-year-old hairbrush that met its final demise by tumbling into the toilet last week-- but probably not with a well-made wooden one that could last me well into the next decade. Same drill with the towels. I just can't imagine springing for a $56 pair of towels for myself, but I would happily spend that on a christmas present for a family member. Rich turkish cotton towels are a luxury I'll enjoy every day for at least the next 3-4 years. (Don't great towels make you feel like you're staying in a fancy hotel? I love that!)

While the Chemex and the pine-scented candle feel like acquisitions, they're really in the spirit of minimalism. With a tiny NYC kitchen, I just can't justify occupying limited counter space with a bulky automatic coffee maker. This iconic coffee maker will serve to keep me caffeinated without marring our relatively clutter-free prep surface. Likewise, the candle makes our apartment smell like the holidays, without requiring me to designate closet space for decorations that only get utilized a few weeks a year.

The snowboots because, err, I don't have any (!) I like that LL Bean boots are so well-constructed that I can pass them on to my kids. And the face oil I actually snagged from my mother's christmas list. Isn't that packaging cool? PLANT Brooklyn is a husband and wife-owned interdisciplinary design studio, many of whose products are made by adults with disabilities, through collaboration with a not-for-profit.

Happy weekend, everyone! 

Covet List: Office Dreaming

October 24, 2013 | Alex

In June, I made the switch from moonlighting as a design blogger/ad hoc interior decorator to a 24-7 design professional. I don't regret it, but I do miss the office culture of my old job at a law firm. True, the days were filled with endless discussion of financial regulatory reform, but my coworkers also added a hefty dose of humor (lawyers are funny!) Also, the scanner always worked. 

There are definite upsides to working from home (I'm simultaneously blogging and doing laundry right now!), but when I'm in isolation at my cramped kitchen table, I frequently find myself craving the presence of other sentient beings. And a closet full of office supplies. I'm really excited about the Brooklyn launch of co-working operation Makeshift Society, scheduled for late winter 2014. (Fellow freelancers, consider a contribution to their Kickstarter campaign, if you haven't already.) But in the meantime, I'm daydreaming about what Common Bond Design's headquarters might someday look like:

Office Dreaming.jpg


  1. Beep Table Lamp, Conran for JC Penney - sold out (try the floor lamp version!)
  2.  Arne Jacobsen Letter Cup, Finnish Design Shop
  3. Nut Pendant by LZF, via Lumens - $504
  4. Butterfly Chair , Ercol
  5. Collage Sticky Notes, via Poketo - $7/pair
  6.  Melltorp Table, Ikea - $65

PS Unrelated reminder, folks: Today is the final day of DWR's semi-annual sale.  Jump on it! Or take my approach and drool over the pretty pictures.

Covet List: Brushstrokes, Geometrics, Muted Browns + Blues

February 27, 2013 | Alex

I'd been coveting each of these items independently for the past week. It wasn't until I threw them together to share that I discovered the common threads. Muted browns, brushstrokes, geometric patterns, soft blues and grays...I guess this is just where my head is right now?


I am crazy about Rachel Comey's Revival Bikini-- although it's difficult to justify the purchase when it will be another 3 months before I find myself in circumstances requiring a bathing suit. (To say nothing of the pasty white expanse that is my February bod.) 

Until then, I can admire Portland artist Lisa Golightly's print, "In the Depths" via One Kings Lane   or Etsy  (one of my favorite Etsy artists, who I'm so happy to see receiving more recognition), and listen to summer jams on the walnut edition of Tivoli Audio's Model One Radio.

This weekend, I popped into Module-R, one of my favorite neighborhood spots for ogling things out of my budget, and discovered Fleet Ceramicsby Zoe Garred. Wouldn't these pieces be perfect in Ryan's bathroom? It's almost like she designed her collection around our color scheme-- alas, not so much for our wallets. Maybe I could swing a teeny-tiny jewelry dish? 

 Also spotted at Module-R, a very dignified wooden dog-- Architectmade Oscar. Is it just the hound lover in me or don't you want to pet those floppy felt ears? Speaking of my hound, I think Hektor would love to sink into the Urbanest Pet Bed by Lovethybeast.

In other patterned news, Dash & Albert's newest collection is worth a peek. While I have personal experience with their woven cotton  and indoor/outdoor polypropylene rugs only, I'm particularly intrigued by their new Nordic Kilim  wool. Dash & Albert is one of those companies I always feel 100% confident recommending to friends-- the quality and value is so dependable! Anyone need a wool rug?

If you're not in the market for a rug, how about tile? I'm also looking to live vicariously through someone with a place in their home for Ann Sack's Tiempo line of terra cotta tile. Such a fresh alternative to the now ubiquitous tumbling block motif, but with the same geometric appeal.