OKL 30-Day Challenge

OKL Challenge - Day 30! Holiday Guest Rooms Inspired by Favorite Brands

November 26, 2012 | Alex

Believe it or not, it's Day 30 of my One Kings Lane 30-Day Challenge and the holiday season is officially upon us. And while holidays are ostensibly about family, togetherness, giving, and rejoicing in the goodness of humankind, yada, yada, yada...to lots of us holidays mean two things: house guests and retail. So in homage to these time-honored midwinter traditions, for my final installment of a One Kings Lane mood board...drum roll, please...I bring you six guest rooms inspired by a few of my favorite retailers. Each with a subtle nod to the holiday season.

Excluding the Ikea Sveio nightstand that plays a starring role in each board, all items are sourced from today's sales on One Kings Lane. As such, these boards don't actually contain items by the retailer that inspired them. What?! I know! SO confusing. But "inspired" is a beautiful word that's applied pretty loosely these days. I chose to channel the spirit (or aura, if you believe in that sort of thing) of the retailers I deeply esteem and admire. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

A few notes on guest room essentials for those prepping for guests. As a demanding guest, I like to see a couple items on or around the nightstand of my temporary living quarters:

  1. A water glass. And perhaps a carafe if you're feeling generous and/or your bathroom sinks do not dispense potable water. (FYI, anything outside of NYC is borderline.)
  2. A small dish or shallow bowl for a guest to stash ear plugs, earrings, hair elastics, watch, etc.
  3. A reading light
  4. A soft surface on the floor beside bed (acceptable forms include: area rugs, runners, bath mats or animal skin.)
  5. Tissues

An alarm clock used to be recommended, but I think most people use their cell phones these days. A charger would be a nice thing to include, but really, your guests should have their act together enough to remember to bring their own charger (Not that I do  remember to bring my own charger when I travel, just saying I should.)

I love the idea of adding a little holiday flavor by pinning ornaments up on the wall over the nightstand. It would be a cute and subtle way to recognize that indeed it is December and that is something we celebrate. I've also included candlestick holders because a) there were a multitide of cool candlestick holders on sale today and b) there are some bedroom activities that are best conducted by the low, flattering light of a candle. Like telling ghost stories or reading Dickens. (Really. This is a family blog. Mind out of the gutter.)

Inspired by: Jonathan Adler

These mid-century modern lines, funky ceramics, bold pops of color and graphic patterns scream Jonathan Adler to me. Granted, it's more of a "Jonathan Adler Goes to Morocco" kind of thing, but I bet Morocco's nice this time of year and I'm sure he wouldn't mind a quick jaunt. 


Sources (clockwise from top left)

  1. Square Canvas Pillow - $189 (See Jonathan Adler's Pop Pillows)
  2. S/3 Wooden Finial Ornaments - $19 
  3. Set of 2 Honeycomb Wineglasses, Gold - $59
  4. Frank Keramik Candleholder - $69 (See Jonathan Adler's Orange Glass Nugget)
  5. Midcentury Cork Lamp - $239
  6. Vista Rug, Poppy/Linen - $119-$499 (See Jonathan Adler's Diamond Rug)
  7. Crocodile Print Tray, Matte Gold - $39

Inspired by: Calypso St. Barth

Calypso St. Barth is one of my go-to retailers (my mom's too!) for clothes and home alike. They have a great interplay between sophisticated neutrals and pastels with a hint of beachy glamour. This shimmering, ethereal nightstand set-up really reminds me of their vibe. Especially that stalactite candleholder-- doesn't it look kinda like the drip castles kids make on the beach?


Sources (clockwise from top left)

  1. Untitled, Karen Kimmel, 2007 I - $1,149 
  2. Set of 2 Honeycomb Wineglasses, Silver - $59
  3. Nordic Winter Snow Mobile - $39 (Not to be confused with a snowmobile.)
  4. Ken Steiert Stalactite Candelabra - $349
  5. Hexagon Denim Pillow - $169 
  6. Bonita Rug, White/Gray - $119-$499
  7. S/3 Precious Metal Bowls, Silver - $59

Inspired by: Kate Spade

Kate Spade is the queen of polka dots and playful, preppy style. The illustrated rope and quirky ampersand cushions instantly reminded me of her. I especially love Kate Spade because as fun and flirty as her designs are, she never lets it veer too far into girlie girl territory. I tried to apply that same philosophy here by using gender-neutral colors for the more feminine patterns and tempering the super-bling ornaments with a black & white boxing photo (how cool is that shot?) and masculine wood & iron candlestick holders.


Sources (clockwise from top left)

  1. Dempsey-Tunney Long Count Fight 1927 - $329
  2. S/2 Snowflake Ornaments, Snow - $19
  3. Set of 4 Tumblers, Red - $39 
  4. Oak & Iron Candleholders, Set of 2 - $55
  5. Fishermen's Net Pillow, Navy/Hemp - $99
  6. "&" 16x16 Pillow, Oatmeal - $45
  7. Santee Rug, Black/White - $119-$499

Inspired by: Anthropologie

For my Anthropologie-inspired nighstand, I went for a more bohemian and vintage look. Anthropologie does a great job of incorporating a lot of natural elements, so threw in the raw teak bowl, bird statue, vintage oil paintings of vegetables and those cool wood curl ornaments as nods to mother nature. (Linz, with its yellow and purple color scheme, this one's for you.)


Sources (clockwise from top left)

  1. Oil Paintings, Vegetables, Set of 3 - $1,235
  2. Set of 2 Jewel Tumblers, Amethyst - $49
  3. S/8 Fjord Curly Birch Ornaments, Small - $19
  4. Danish Modern Bird Sculpture I - $149
  5. Teak Hat Bowl - $59
  6. Amethyst Gem Vase Large - $35
  7. 19th-C. Coverlet Pillow - $175
  8. Solana Rug, Marigold/White - $119-$499 

Inspired by: West Elm

It's hard to pin down West Elm's style these days, because they've really diversified their audience with their global collections. But in spite of that, I think they've done a great job of staying true to their classic style. To me, West Elm is fresh, clean, down-to-earth and immensely liveable.


Sources (Clockwise from top left)

  1. "Home" 16x16 Pillows, White - $95
  2. Hermetic Bottle, 17 Oz - $8
  3. Gradient Line Wood 7" Bowl, White Bean - $29
  4. 18-Pc Picardie Tumbler Set - $59
  5. Medium Painted Basket, Gold - $129
  6. Loma Rug, Beige/Linen - $49-$239
  7. S/2 Porcelain Origami Geese - $19
  8. S/2 Porcelain Origami Swallows - $15

Inspired by: Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware usually goes in pretty hard for the whole holiday thing. Holiday-themed catalog, special gift items and what not. So this is the most heavy handedly holiday-themed of the boards. But in  ephemeral Restoration Hardware style, it's mixes modern with industrial accents and includes sepia-toned artwork and a wee bit of french country (witness grain sack pillow). 


OKL 30-Day Challenge - Day 29: Nursery Style

November 27, 2012 | Alex

Don't get all excited now, people. This post is in no way an indication that I intend to have a tiny person in my life anytime soon. Hektor keeps our hands full as it is. But all the cool kids seem to be decorating nurseries these days (Exhibit A and Exhibit B) and god forbid I miss the boat on what the cool kids are doing.

95% of the items in the mood boards are available via today's One Kings Lane sales. But a few non-One Kings Lane items snuck in. Obviously, the crib-- which I hear is a key component to the nursery. Since I don't know anything about babies, least of all where one buys baby stuff, I stuck in a white and walnut crib by Oeuf Baby. It's neat looking. If they made a bigger, I might just sleep in it. Board #1 includes a rocker/glider, which I understand to be highly recommended these days. Something to do with rocking your baby to sleep? Boards #2 and 3 do not include rockers or gliders, because I intend to hypnotize my baby to fall into a deep and peaceful sleep upon hearing the trigger word, "carrot." But just in case that strategy fails (which it won't) I did include a comfy chair and ottoman in each room.

How come nurseries are always so colorful and pastel-y? Is that a social convention or an actual developmental issue? If the latter, then imagine that board #2 is for a baby with two very spirited older siblings and the parents are really hoping this one turns out to be more of a chill, bump-on-a-log kind of baby.

It was a big day on One Kings Lane-- Ralph Lauren, David Hicks and emerging artists limited edition prints. Lucky little babies.


Sources  (via One Kings Lane unless otherwise noted)

  1. Sleepytime Rocker, NurseryWorks (via Bobby Berk Home)
  2. Gwen Chunky Knit Throw Pillow, Blue - $125
  3. Desert Modern Cube, Taupe - $1,399 
  4. Trevor 6-Lt Chandelier - $679 
  5. Kevin Russ, Street Walker - $169.00 - $269.00
  6. Oeuf Classic Crib, Walnut, Ouef Baby - $940
  7. Queen Mohav Navajo Knit Blanket, Natural - $379 
  8. Octogram Nylon Rug, Cornflower - $179-$1,859

Sources (via One Kings Lane unless otherwise noted)

  1. Driftwood Steel Lounge Chair, Black - $2,199
  2. Leather Moroccan Pouf, Grey - $183
  3. Cosmo Sconce, Bronze - $249
  4. Linda Monfort, Psychic - $129-$199
  5. Oeuf Classic Crib, Walnut, Ouef Baby - $940
  6. Cable Cashmere Throw Pillow, Camel - $169.00
  7. Logo Wool Rug, Amber - $299.00 - $2,999.00

Sources  (via One Kings Lane unless otherwise noted)

  1. Fairfield Floor Lamp - $569
  2. Driftwood Upholstered Armchair - $599
  3. Coach Wood Toy Car - $8
  4. Poodle Pouf, CB2 - $299
  5. Proudman, Carousel Horse Framed Print - $189-$299
  6. Oeuf Classic Crib, Walnut, Oeuf Baby - $940
  7. Aztec 20x20 Pillow, Blue - $115 
  8. Hexagon House Wool Rug, Beige - $249-$2,999 

OKL Challenge - Day 21: Feeling Moody

November 15, 2012 | Alex

Day 21 of my One Kings Lane 30-Day Challenge. I've had a headache on-and-off for the past 48 hours that's left me pretty moody. One minute I'm a ball of enthusiasm and productivity. The next, I just want to crawl under my desk and go to sleep. My poor coworkers.

Rather than fight it, I thought I'd use it as inspiration and throw together a few of the moodiest pieces on sale at One Kings Lane-- plus an image of ABC Home's Poolside Strata Wallpaper  that perfectly captures how I'm feeling today. And what's moodier than a Magic 8 Ball?

PS I know Rachel Zoe's exclusive wrapping paper collection for One Kings Lane  (the website's first exclusive line of products) is supposed to be the headliner today, but I'm more excited about the Saatchi sale.

Saatchi is one of my favorite online sources for affordable art. The social media component makes it awesome way to discover up-and-coming artists who share your aesthetic. If you're looking for a place to start browsing, I recommend starting with their collections by 100 guest curators from museums and galleries around the world.



(All items available via One Kings Lane, unless otherwise indicated)

  1. Fog - $129
  2. Scheurich West German Lava Vase - $69 
  3. S/6 Double Old Fashioned Glasses, Onyx - $55 
  4. Poolside Strata Wallpaper, via ABC Home - $625 (sticker shock alert!)
  5. Thomas Saliot, Bare Feet, Blue Dress - $219 
  6. Eight-Ball Box - $25 
  7. Jarek Puczel, Lovers (s) - $219-$239 
  8. Swedish Rag Rug, Blue, 4'9" x 2'1", $179 

You can browse a complete set of my picks from today's One Kings Lane sales on my pinterest board.

OKL Challenge - Day 20: Operation Optic Assault

November 14, 2012 | Alex

Yikes! 2:30 pm and I just barely finished pinning my 30-day One Kings Lane Challenge favorites to my Pinterest board. Where did the day go?

To make up for my tardiness, I threw together a selection of grey and citrine items to confuse and dazzle the eye. Today I'm really gravitating towards crazy geometric patterns, wavy lines and cage weaves. (Warning: mild headache may ensue.)