One Beach House, Two Ways | a collaboration with Maiden Home

With temperatures holding steady in the low 90s last week, I petitioned my parents for refuge from the city. Their home is only 90 miles from Brooklyn, though the bus takes 3+ hours in primetime summer traffic.

It was not exactly cool in Bridgehampton.  And my parents’ shingle style farmhouse, dated circa 1890, is not exactly built to accommodate central air. Still, the heat is bearable there.

I punctuated working spells with dips in the pool; drank gazpacho from a freezer-chilled glass; supported the lemonade stand that sprouted up next door when our neighbors’ twin boys became too hot to play ball; napped in the hammock each afternoon; and slept each night (a little, fitfully) under a ceiling fan set to warp speed, avoiding any more than the bare minimum sheet-to-skin contact.

In spite of very real changes to “the Hamptons” since my parents bought the house in 1986 – most audibly, the constant soundtrack of leaf blowers, lawn mowers, honking horns, and sirens – the draw of this place in July (the smells, tastes and feels) still outweighs the repellant of the manic crowd. Sweet, golden cherry tomatoes are ripening in the garden faster than my dad can harvest them. The diameter of my mom's prized dahlias now eclipse the diameter of her face. The pool is a refreshing but painless 82 degrees, day or night.

So, it’s in this sun-drenched, blissed out spirit of summer that I present to you Maiden Home, a fresh face in furniture that is currently in private beta. 

To celebrate their private launch, we collaborated by designing an Amagansett beach house around two of my favorite Maiden Home products: the Sullivan sofa in ivory linen, and the Leroy chair in indigo linen.

(One quick note on images: though the Sullivan looks grey in the rendering below, it's actually a rich ivory.)

One beach house, two ways | CITRUS GARDEN by Josef Frank

The first scheme is designed around Josef Frank’s 1947 textile Citrus Garden, recently rereleased from the archives by Schumacher. I am a fan of nearly all of Frank’s playful, brightly colored, crisp and graphic prints inspired by nature, but Citrus Garden does a particularly good job of capturing summer.

The idea behind this scheme was to evoke a relaxed and casual beach shack. You can trek sand in the house, flop onto the sofa in your bathing suit, invite your friends over for caipirinhas and scrabble on Friday night. It's the upbeat, effortlessness of summer living.


One beach house, two ways | BLUE + WHITE + WALNUT

For our second variation, we preserved the restful coastal vibe, but introduced a smidge of formality (tradition, even) with a classic blue + white scheme. The mid-century pieces and the Symbol Audio console keep it in the realm of contemporary. The wood tones and chocolate leather keep the seaside palette from getting too ethereal or kitschy.

It’s a laid-back summer hangout Memorial through Labor Day, but it's equally suited to hosting a multi-generational gaggle of relatives for Thanksgiving, when the beaches are deserted and you can hear the wild diversity of Hamptons’ birdlife cut through the quiet.


You can see swatch boards for the Citrus Garden and Blue + White + Walnut schemes on Instagram.

To request an invitation to join Maiden Home’s private beta, go to If you’re located in the New York area, their showroom is available by appointment. Schedule a visit by emailing