Common Bond Design in Rue Magazine's June Issue

June 4, 2014 | Alex

Hey, guess what? Common Bond Design is featured in the June issue of Rue Magazine! The story, showcases a rental apartment we decorated for a young corporate lawyer in downtown Manhattan. Here's one of my favorite lines from the piece:

If the materials were inspired by the client's appreciation for menswear, the lines of the apartment were an attempt to break him free of his tendency toward perfect order. The lawyer gravitates toward matched pairs, stripes, and bisecting lines. Alex says she andher mother, on the other hand, are "very big on contrast-- an element that's slightly of-balance to bring the order into sharper relief."

That quote sums up our approach to the design process quite succinctly, I think! To read the full story and see photographs of the space, head over to our feature begins on p. 164 of the digital issue.  

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.36.03 AM.png

I've been a dedicated reader of e-publication Rue Magazine for years. To see my work on their pages? Well, it exceeds the bounds of American vocabulary, so I'll have to borrow a word from the Brits-- I'm chuffed! Common Bond just celebrated its 1 year anniversary as a design firm, so on a personal level, the timing of the Rue Mag feature feels like a tribute to the partnership my mom and I have built over the last 12 months. In spite of the occasional "passionate disagreement," it has been a deeply rewarding experience to redefine our relationship from mother/daughter to equal business partners. 

Thanks for supporting us, dear readers, and here's to another fantastic year ahead! 

Note: a minor correction to the article, which refers to my former employment as a corporate lawyer: I was, in fact, a regulatory analyst at a corporate law firm.