Top Picks from the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show

March 25, 2014 | Alex

Sunday marked the close of the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show. Man, am I glad I went. I was fighting lingering jet lag and brain-fatigue from two days of Blogshop, but the westward trek to Pier 94 was WORTH IT. 

I discovered so many talented new designers. I had a chance to see (and touch!) products I'd previously only checked out online. For example, Hygge & West's collaboration with Laundry was even more compelling in real life. Those metallics! And Hudson-based Hawkins NY displayed their wares in a booth so pretty I lost all resolve to temper my instagram'ing. If only I could snap my fingers and transfer the color palette of their booth to my apartment.

The exhibitors at ADHDS are divided into three blocks-- reFresh, MADE and Home Furnishings. The appliance, fixture and fitting-oriented reFresh is always an education for the industry goers, but I won't dwell here, because how much do you guys want to hear about gas grills and door hardware (maybe a lot? I'm thinking not so much. But if I'm off-base, comment away!) Likewise, Home Furnishings is practical for designers or home owners looking to discover go-to sources and build relationships with vendors. For example, thanks to ADHDS, I begin any search for antique and vintage rugs at Lavender Oriental Carpets. When I'm sourcing wallpaper for a client next month, I'll keep Michele Varian's beautiful line in mind. And although we have a wonderful and highly accomplished art consultant (a former curator at the Met!), I'm happy to know that iLevel offers art hanging services in NYC. (Where and how to hang art is perhaps the most frequent questions I'm asked by clients and friends alike.)

But ADHDS's biggest draw for me is the MADE section, where AD showcases one-of-kind and limited edition goods by jury-selected artisans. Quality is consistently high. And the booths themselves are so imaginative! In Allied Maker's booth, Sonia Scarr of Love Dart channelled the spring weather outside the convention center with leather-wrapped terracotta planters. Erin Trine whipped up a small powder-coated shelf to display his planters, and added a hook to hang his coat! It wasn't just professionally illuminating-- it was really fun too! I loved chatting with all the fascinating and quirky people that are contributing to the rebirth of the craft culture in the U.S. 

Pier 94 was packed with talent, but a few exhibitors stick out in my mind:


Textile pattern behind "Top Picks" is Alyson Fox's Landscape Area Rug for Hawkins NY.


  1. Once Upon a Time in the West (Twin Falls, ID), Photograph by Travis Schneider, via Tappan Collective - price varies based on print size.
  2. Leather Extension Cord - Red + White, Allied Maker - $79
  3. Strut Shelving System, Souda
  4. Rod + Weave Chair, Eric Trine - $1,200
  5. RS Ceramics, Reinaldo Sanguino
  6. Standing Bowl - Small, Fort Standard - $84
  7. The DJ Stand, Atocha Design - $1,475
  8. Genus Chair (Bloom) by Phillip Estlund, via Grey Area - $3,600

And one more! Kith & Kin Shop. The husband-and-wife team from VA makes an awesome patchwork console. Fingers crossed I can find a spot for it in a clients' home.

PS What do you guys think about the new template? Snazzy new photoshop skills courtesy of Blogshop!