Covet List: Household Hardware

February 3, 2014 | Alex

This time of year, I try to tackle nagging household projects. Funds are depleted from the holidays. I'm spending a disproportionate amount of time at home, huddled under blankets and watching Scrubs on Netflix. (Can you believe we're in the midst of yet another snow storm?) It's a good time to take stock of my environment and focus on cheap, inexpensive fixes: to change the lightbulb that burned out in October; to tighten the hook that's come loose, thanks to the heft of my new turkish towels.

In this "fixer upper" mindset, my covet list skews to hyper-practical housewares (and a pair of earrings that could be a simple, constant reminder to stay on top of repairs):

Covet List - Hardware.jpg


  1. GAM 6-in-1 Hammer, Dry Goods Brooklyn - $22
  2. 2Hang/Toggle, Walhub - $15.95
  3. Toolbox by Vitra, DWR - $60
  4. Equilateral Nails (set of 4), Winsome Brave - $28
  5. Folding Step Stool, Rockler Woodworking - $9.99
  6. Tiny Screw Stud Earrings, LEIF - $25