Shop: Rosewood Bar + Hans Olsen Dining Set

September 9, 2013 | Alex

Remember how I pine for this Hans Olsen's dining set for Frem Rojle? Well, fate almost brought us together. Almost! But there's a silver lining: my loss could be your gain. (As in, someone scoop this up. It's so so so good!)

Here's the story: A very thoughtful reader, Anna Maria, reached out to me a few weeks ago to let me know that she was looking to sell her set. But wouldn't you know, Ryan and I had just  (as in 48 hrs prior) given up hope of finding a reasonably priced Hans Olsen and, instead, moved to implement Plan B: a set of gently-used Bertoia dining chairs + an adjustable height coffee/dining table. Timing's a b****.


But back to you, lucky duck! AnnaMaria is asking $1,800 for the dining set. That's is a lot of bones, I realize. But people, for this particular dining set it's really a good deal. To put it into market perspective, a similar set is listed on 1st dibs for $2,349 + shipping...from Amsterdam. AnnaMaria's ships from Tampa Bay! You will need to arrange and pay for shipping. (Side Note: I like to obtain quotes via Basically, you post a photo, dimensions, and estimated weight. Certified shippers-- vetted by UShip-- place competing bids. You can accept a bid or you can walk away. There are also customer reviews to help you pick the right company. Cool, right?)

If you're less of a diner/more of a drinker, AnnaMaria is also hoping to find a new home for that mid-century rosewood bar cabinet. What a beauty, huh? Don Draper not included.

If you're interested in the dining set or rosewood bar, shoot AnnaMaria an email at  Then email me photos so I can alternatively share your joy/seethe with envy.