Shop: Steven Alan Home. Now with Furniture!

September 3, 2012 | Alex

Steven Alan epitomizes Brooklyn style to me. So much so, in fact, that before relocating from the Upper East Side to Cobble Hill, I swore to myself that the move wouldn't change my aesthetic. "Just because I live in Brooklyn," I thought, three years ago "doesn't mean I have to dress like I emerged from the Steven Alan lookbook." 

Flash forward to 2013:

  • I practically salivate every time I walk past Steven Alan's Atlantic Avenue Boutique (this! so lovely!);
  • I recently tried on a knee-length dress that teetered somewhere in the murky grey area between "Brooklyn Cool" and "Amish Traditional"; 
  • and I proudly rock clogs on the daily that, in my mother's words, make me look like a "surgical nurse gone to the dark side." But in a good way?

Oh yah. I drank the kool-aid. Guzzled it. But I guess if you didn't let change broaden your perspectives and affect how you relate to the world around you, what would be the point of ever leaving home? No regrets!

Lucky for us Brooklyn converts, Steven Alan recently expanded their signature style from fashion to home goods. And even more recently, they debuted a menswear-inspired furniture line, commissioned by VP of design Ai Bihr and fabricated by Jason Pickens. The pieces will be available by custom order. (If you're interested, contact the company's 158 Franklin St location.)

Just like Steven Alan's clothing line, it's so evident that the details have been lovingly labored over. And if you missed the debut of Steven Alan's Home Shop earlier this year, here are a few favorites culled from their immaculately curated collection: 

Steven Alan Home.jpg


  1. Multi Stripe Blanket, by Khadi and Co - $200
  2. Geometry Set Candle Holders, by Fort Makers - $100
  3. Nesting Cup Pair, by BTW Ceramics - $39 (*on sale)
  4. Vessel 1 and Vessel 3 with Walnut Corks, by Fort Standard - $80 ea.
  5. Bowl Shaped Cotton Basket, by Doug Johnston - $100 (now I've completed my intro to sewing class, I'm looking forward to trying my hand at a Johnston-inspired clothes line basket.)
  6.  Barry McGee: THR, by D.A.P. Books - $49.95

I also love their collection of super sharp outerwear for dogs by Billy Wolf. Wouldn't Hektor look handsome in this sporty winter jacket? I may have to lobby Ryan to lift his (admittedly sensible) ban on fancy dog clothes.