Progress Report on Common Bond Design (f.k.a. Mother/Daughter Design Interest)

August 5, 2013 | Alex  

 Hello! And thank you all for the messages inquiring about the blog's hiatus. We are alive and kicking. We just took the blog silent for a few months to concentrate on a few major developments. My mom and I have three active client projects right now (and one more in the hopper), but the real reason for our radio silence is...drum!

Back in 2012, we launched Mother/Daughter Design Interest on a platform called Blogger. I liked that it was user-friendly and, most importantly, free. But when I left my job as a regulatory analyst two months ago to launch a career in design (!), it was painfully obvious that our website needed an aesthetic boost. We contacted a friend and talented graphic designer, Amanda Pastenkos, to work with us on a new look. And since our client work has been picking up pace, it made sense to consolidate the blog and our design business under one name. 

There are still a few kinks to work out on the new site, but we're hoping to launch real soon. In the meantime (because I feel like I might physically burst if I have to keep a lid on these killer logos any longer), here's a sneak peak of what we've been up to since June:


Clockwise from top left:

The logo for Common Bond Design, the businessCourtesy of Amanda PastenkosIn my first meeting with Amanda, I asked for "modern, clean and minimalist-- but with a subtle nod to the mother/daughter connection." She nailed it! Did you catch the subtle nod? I admit, it took me a second to see it...

The logo for Common Bond Design, the blogCourtesy of Amanda Pastenkos. Continuity between business and blog was a driving factor in our site overhaul. But we also felt it was important to draw a distinction between the two. After all, the blog is a showcase for our aesthetic. And when executed correctly, client work should showcase the client's aesthetic.

Watercolor Social Media Icons. Purchased from Etsy Shop, LittleLadderCreativeI'm so happy we found a way to integrate these social media icons. Our new site is very crisp, so these hand-painted icons serve as a sweet counter note. Plus, I'm a sucker for teal.

Mr. Caterpillar via Instagram.This summer has been a lot of work-- but it hasn't been all work. I've been celebrating my emancipation from the office grind by slipping away for 3 or 4-day weekends at my parent's house in Bridgehampton, NY. The three of us have become obsessed with a swallowtail caterpillar family that moved into our herb garden. Mrs. Caterpillar went into chrysalis yesterday and this big guy started spinning his silk last night. This morning he was 100% ensconced. Check my instagram for the latest on #pupawatch2013. Nature=cool.

Herringbone Installation via InstagramOne of our client projects is under construction this summer. And while we can't take credit for the selection of herringbone flooring (kudos go to the homeowner), it was fascinating watching the workmen install it. Unlike plank flooring, each individual piece must be measured and cut individually. I am in awe of the patience and craftsmanship that goes into this kind of installation.

Pools, by Craig Fineman Image via SlateRemember when I mentioned ages ago that we had a  client project in Bridgehampton  in the pipeline? Well, I would say it's about 75% complete now. And while we didn't wind up integrating  large-scale beach photography, we came up with a really nifty (and very budget-friendly) plan for artwork. I'll hold off on revealing too many of the details until we do a final reveal, but it integrates these awesome skateboarding images by the late photographer Craig Fineman.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Stay tuned for the launch of (plus instructions on how to continue to receive our posts via email, reader and/or rss feed!)