Shop: H&M Home

August 29, 2013 | Alex

 Oh wow. I screwed up, guys. I was really looking forward to posting about my favorite finds from H&M's home line. It's been around a while in Europe, but it's newly available in US (online only). By the time I actually got around to launching the new site and posting this, however, 3 of my 6 top picks were already sold out. Shoot!

But not to despair. There are still many delightful home goods available for purchase from their Fall collection. And to take the long-term view, I'm pretty happy to add another retailer to my roster of budget-friendly sources.

These days, I'm basically a biweekly guest at Target and Ikea (you know your visits are too frequent when you're on a first name basis with the guy working the As-Is section. Hi Daryl.) So I'm thinking some diversity of 'high design/low price' product might be a positive thing for me?

When I discovered how many of my top picks were sold out, I thought I'd go back to the drawing board. But then I thought...nope. I refuse. Because I have to show you how good this stuff is! And how it's a harbinger of such great things to come! Are all H&M's offerings spot-on? Ok, no. Similar to my secondary residences-- Ikea and Target-- there are some misses. But when they do get it right, it's so right. And so cheap.  

With that in mind, here are my top picks. (Just don't get too attached to anything in the first row. That way heartache lies...):

H&M Home.jpg


  1. sold out
  2. sold out (but the silver version is still available!)
  3. sold out
  4. Candle (Black, Unscented) - $5.95
  5. King/Queen Bedspread (White) - $99
  6. 2-pack Guest Towels - $9.95 (reminds me of marimekko!)

 Alright. Because I was such a jerk and showed you all those pretty things that shall never be yours, I'll thrown in a second batch of favorites. It's tough to say without having touched the materials, but I'm hoping that H&M will be a go-to source for affordable bedding basics-- especially linen! And while I'm not in the market for kiddie stuff right now, there are some sweet animal motif goodies. 

H&M Home2.jpg


  1. Cotton Cushion Cover - $5.95
  2.  Metal Tin, $12.95
  3. Tea Towel, $4.95
  4. Storage Basket - $5.95
  5. Full/Queen Bedspread - $149
  6. Pillowcase, $9.95

Here's hoping H&M home becomes a staple. Happy shopping!