Round-Up: Adjustable Height Coffee Tables

September 4, 2013 | Alex

You've probably heard the adage "design for the lifestyle you have, not the lifestyle you want." (Not to mention designing for the space you have...)

But for the last 2 years, I've stubbornly ignored it, deluding myself that a) Ryan's apartment is secretly 2x as large as it appears to the naked eye; and b) if we had a proper dining table, we would naturally begin to host proper adult dinner parties. With napkins and everything! Maybe even cloth ones! 

One fine day, I aspire to make the pie crust for my quiche instead of buying it in frozen packs of 2. But the weeknight reality is wanting nothing more than to plop down on the sofa, consume calories, snuggle our puggle and watch a movie. While in theory these activities could be done in sequence, it's my experience that unless you double-up, bedtimes clocks in at around 1am for a feature-length film. (Just after midnight if we opt for a documentary.)

Ryan and I are ready to face reality (...and football season.) But without precluding a future in which we keep bees on the roof and invite our friends + neighbors over for a local honey tasting.

Enter the adjustable height table. It's a coffee table! It's a dining table! It's a laptop height table! Friends, it's whatever you want it to be. Here are a few of my favorites on the market, including one budget-friendly pick:




  1. Grasshopper Table, Big Prototype - price upon request
  2. Magic Table, Resource Furniture - price upon request
  3. Adjustable Table (Walnut), Bo Concept - $1,495
  4. Manhattan Rectangle Adjustable Height Table, - $285
  5. Cristallo Table, Resource Furniture - price upon request
  6. O-Ba (Black Stained Oak), Ligne Roset - $2,255

If you're in the market for a convertible coffee/dining table, check out these options too:

Mascotte Coffee Table, Calligaris - $1,119 | Magic J Adjustable Table, Calligaris - $1,928 |  Flexy Coffee Table, Calligaris | Brunch Table, Ligne Roset - $1,325 | See all Resource Furniture space saving tables