Trend Report: Inky Ombre

January 7, 2014 | Alex

My design partner and I have pretty different aesthetics. (It's our differences, I think, that make my mom and I such a good team.) But we do share one fixation: pairing blue and white. 

For my slightly more traditional mother, that can mean displaying porcelain plates from Denmark, or a nautically-inspired room that takes cues from Ralph Lauren. For me, the latest manifestation of my blue-on-white obsession is ombre. But not just any ombre. A deep, inky, dark ombre that creeps into bright white.

Here are a few favorites from the marketplace:



  1. Le Feu De L'Eau (Black Currant), via Upstairs at Pierre Lafond - $60
  2. Paintbox Cushion, via Bluebellgrey UK - £70.00
  3. Ombre Fleet Readers (Dark Blue), via Anthropologie - $38
  4. V-Room Face Towel, via Lost and Found Shop - $198
  5. Fade Pouf (Navy), via - $69

I hope all you mid-west and east coasters are keeping warm. This Polar Vortex is serious business!