Covet List: Christmas 2013

December 20, 2013 | Alex

I can be a tricky person to buy for. When friends and family ask what I want, all I can think is, "actually, what I really want is less stuff!" Lucky for me, Fjallraven just gave me the best Christmas present I could dream up. Even an aspiring minimalist like me can never have enough once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

But that still leaves the question of my Christmas List. (The Korsgaard-Kalita household strictly adheres to lists when it comes to birthdays and holidays.) So instead of things I want, I tend to go for things I need in the worst way...but of better construction than I'd buy if I were shopping for myself.



  1. Wooden Paddle Hairbrush, Aveda - $20
  2. Pin 12 Le Labo, Barneys - $60
  3. ØÅ Face Oil, PLANT Brooklyn - $40
  4. 802-gram Turkish Towels, Restoration Hardware - $28 ea.
  5. 10" Sherling-Lined Bean Boots, LL Bean - $179
  6. 6-cup Coffee Maker, Chemex - $41.50

Yes, I'd eventually replace the 5-year-old hairbrush that met its final demise by tumbling into the toilet last week-- but probably not with a well-made wooden one that could last me well into the next decade. Same drill with the towels. I just can't imagine springing for a $56 pair of towels for myself, but I would happily spend that on a christmas present for a family member. Rich turkish cotton towels are a luxury I'll enjoy every day for at least the next 3-4 years. (Don't great towels make you feel like you're staying in a fancy hotel? I love that!)

While the Chemex and the pine-scented candle feel like acquisitions, they're really in the spirit of minimalism. With a tiny NYC kitchen, I just can't justify occupying limited counter space with a bulky automatic coffee maker. This iconic coffee maker will serve to keep me caffeinated without marring our relatively clutter-free prep surface. Likewise, the candle makes our apartment smell like the holidays, without requiring me to designate closet space for decorations that only get utilized a few weeks a year.

The snowboots because, err, I don't have any (!) I like that LL Bean boots are so well-constructed that I can pass them on to my kids. And the face oil I actually snagged from my mother's christmas list. Isn't that packaging cool? PLANT Brooklyn is a husband and wife-owned interdisciplinary design studio, many of whose products are made by adults with disabilities, through collaboration with a not-for-profit.

Happy weekend, everyone!