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December 16, 2013 | Alex

Have you heard of the modern apothecary line Malin + Goetz? I first discovered their products while staying at my favorite hotel, Austin's Hotel San Jose, back in 2011. Only recently did I learn that business (and real-life) partners Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz founded the company right here in NYC. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 1.00.39 PM.png

I admit, it was the package design that suckered me in.  With my space constraints and allergy to visual clutter, I honestly do feel more peaceful when I can start my day in a pared-down bathroom. That said, a girls gotta wash her face and brush her teeth. 

Enter Malin + Goetz. Andrew Goetz, the design brains of the operation, launched his career as a marketing director at modern design house Vitra. The package design reflects the company's philosophy by putting relevant information front-and-center. I also love their logical approach of color-coding by product type. When you're in the shower, isn't it most practical to be able to distinguish your face wash from your shampoo by glancing at the color of the bottle?

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But the best part of M+G? While Goetz treats my visual allergy to clutter, Matthew Malin is sensitive to my actual allergies. A chronic sufferer of rosacea, eczema and seborrhea, the Kiehl's veteran Malin set out to design a product line that was effective, pleasant to use and held up to the most stringent standards of sensitive skin. That meant an approach to skin and haircare based on pH balance, relief for troubled skin and nature-based ingredients. 

Like many asthmatics, I've lived with eczema since I was a kid. It was once so bad that I had to coat my legs in petroleum jelly and wrap them in saran-wrap before bed. Doctor's orders. It was hot, sticky and miserable. Anything that treats the maddeningly red and itchy expanses that materialize every winter is a god-send in my book. Bonus points if it doesn't smell like menthol.

M+G offers a full range of products for skin, hair and body care. Thanks to Kenne at M+G's new Upper East Side location, I got to sample a variety. While swapping out 100% of drug store skin care products isn't in my budget right now, I find that incorporating a higher-end product 1-2 times a week keeps my skin on its toes. (My hair is mercifully unfussy. It looks about the same no matter what shampoo I use.)

Here are a few of my favorite products from Malin + Goetz skin care line:



  1. Acne Treatment Daytime - $22
  2. Replenishing Face Serum - $68
  3. 8 oz. Grapefruit Face Cleanser - $30
  4. Detox Face Mask - $40
  5. 16 oz. Eucalyptus Body Wash - $32

If you live near one of their awesomely-designed apothecaries, now is the time to check them out. Malin + Goetz is offering a special '12-days of Holiday' promotion right now where you get a complimentary travel-sized product with any purchase at a flagship location.

I hope you enjoy Malin + Goetz as much as I do!

Malin + Goetz were kind enough to share a few product samples with me, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.