Covet List: Office Dreaming

October 24, 2013 | Alex

In June, I made the switch from moonlighting as a design blogger/ad hoc interior decorator to a 24-7 design professional. I don't regret it, but I do miss the office culture of my old job at a law firm. True, the days were filled with endless discussion of financial regulatory reform, but my coworkers also added a hefty dose of humor (lawyers are funny!) Also, the scanner always worked. 

There are definite upsides to working from home (I'm simultaneously blogging and doing laundry right now!), but when I'm in isolation at my cramped kitchen table, I frequently find myself craving the presence of other sentient beings. And a closet full of office supplies. I'm really excited about the Brooklyn launch of co-working operation Makeshift Society, scheduled for late winter 2014. (Fellow freelancers, consider a contribution to their Kickstarter campaign, if you haven't already.) But in the meantime, I'm daydreaming about what Common Bond Design's headquarters might someday look like:

Office Dreaming.jpg


  1. Beep Table Lamp, Conran for JC Penney - sold out (try the floor lamp version!)
  2.  Arne Jacobsen Letter Cup, Finnish Design Shop
  3. Nut Pendant by LZF, via Lumens - $504
  4. Butterfly Chair , Ercol
  5. Collage Sticky Notes, via Poketo - $7/pair
  6.  Melltorp Table, Ikea - $65

PS Unrelated reminder, folks: Today is the final day of DWR's semi-annual sale.  Jump on it! Or take my approach and drool over the pretty pictures.