Buenos Aires: Hub Porteno

February 11, 2013 | Sherry

I have been in Colorado where the weather was mostly cold. Now having returned home,  a snowstorm. My thoughts are turning toward the Southern Hemisphere and Buenos Aires, where it's summer!

When I was last in Buenos Aires (November) I checked out Hub Porteno, a new boutique hotel. It is perfectly situated in the Recoleta, a central area of Buenos Aires with beautiful old mansions, great shops and restaurants, and an upscale shopping mall. A popular spot for tourists, Recoleta is very easily navigated by foot.


Hub Porteno is located in a belle-epoque mansion formerly owned by an Argentine family. It was designed by architect and furniture designer, Ivan Robredo and interior decorator Valeria Bonnano. Each room was designed to create a different mood and story with art work "chosen from the collection of Alejandro Bengolea,...and grandson of Amalia Lacroze Fortabat, once Argentina's richest woman and renowned for building up one of the world's most impressive private collections, on display in Puerto Madero."

There are no markings to indicate that the beautiful building is a hotel and restaurant. Which could be a problem if one is unfamiliar with the area! However, in reading some guest reviews this was never mentioned as an issue. Another concern I had when visiting was whether or not there was sufficient security. I didn't see a doorman or bellman in evidence when entering the building for lunch at the restaurant, Tarquino. Perhaps something to keep in mind and ask about before booking!


The luxe rooms and bathrooms are beautiful and large, which is unusual and desirable in a big city. I thought the outdoor bar and lounge area with a shower for cooling off was a great place to hang out and the restaurant, Tarquino, served excellent fare. There is feeling of quiet restfulness when in the hotel. Lots of trees and greenery surround the building and there is even a big fig tree growing right up and out of the restaurant!


The siren songs of helado de Dulci de leche, hot and sunny skies and Hub Porteno beckon. Vamanos!