Artist + Designer Spotlight: Tahir Mahmood

February 22, 2013 | Alex

Time for another installation of Artist + Designer Spotlight-- but with a geographical twist. 

The original idea behind this feature was to highlight local artists and designers. I figured I'd start with my home base of Brooklyn-- a borough with a seemingly inexhaustible source of fresh talent-- and make the occasional virtual foray into Long Island, the Hudson River Valley or even (gasp!) Manhattan. I knew from the start, though, that I wouldn't be able to contain my enthusiasm for artists and designers beyond these shores.

So in honor of my mom's trip to Toronto this weekend, I'm highlighting Tahir Mahmood, one of my favorite Canadian lighting designers. I am very much in love with his Chand Lamp. I want to see it in my home so badly in physically hurts. But for now, I've put it at the very tip top of my  "things-to-buy-if-one-day-no-longer-broke-list." In addition to his mesmerizing lamps, Mahmood also designs a line of whimsical household goods. 

While images of Mahmood's work are beautiful, his is the sort of work that photographs cannot do justice. Particularly his glass work. There's a translucence to the material and a richly saturated depth to the color that's lost in translation. Ditto for his richly grained and deeply conditioned wood. 

If you find yourself in the Toronto area, please please do yourself a favor. Stop into Pimlico Design Gallery to see his creations in person-- and wind up walking out with all sorts of other goodies (Soaps that looks and smells like lemons? Tea lights that look like succulents? All sorts of charming things that look like other things! And even some charming things that look just as they're meant to look!)

Happy weekend.


Sources (clockwise from top left)

  1. Girgit Four, Table Lamp
  2. Girgit Mini Two, Table Lamp
  3. Baylun One, Rolling Pin
  4. Chanda, Floor Lamp
  5. Chand, Table Lamp
  6. Roshan Blue, Candle Stands
  7. Assu, Mortar + Pestle
  8. Poh, Mortar + Pestle