Covet List: Objects for When Money Is No Object...(Come On, Indulge Me)

January 8, 2013 | Alex

In blogging about design and objects for the home, I make a concerted effort to keep budget in mind. It's a tricky line to walk given that everyone's idea of "priced within reason" varies depending on their situation and financial priorities. But approximately 6 months into this blog, I'm actually surprised by how easy it is to find great design in a cost band that I think most people would consider achievable-- whether achievable means you could buy an object on impulse, or, that you could set aside a small amount of every month's paycheck until you reach your goal.

All that said, today's post is devoted to complete suspension of reality. Why? Because in all my efforts to blog about realistically attainable design, I've somehow failed to blog about the design objects that I most love. The items I've oooh'd and ahhh'd over for years. So while keeping it real 99% of the time is important for my mental health and likely to be of the greatest value to readers looking for inspiration, I wanted to set aside a day to show you how I would decorate my home if money were no object.

And you know what? The results are pretty surprising-- even to me! When I took stock of the items I've been coveting since the second I laid eyes on them (years ago, in most cases), I wound up with a super contemporary look. Most of my posts are a mix of styles, with new and old items paired together. And that's a good reflection of the spaces I inhabit now. Almost all the furniture in my apartment was "liberated" from my parents basement or acquired at tag sales, meaning it veers heavily towards the traditional. And I do love the mix I have going on!

In my heart though, if I were starting from scratch with an unlimited budget, I know I'd want a thoroughly modern, minimalist space. A gallery-like space filled with beautiful, sculptural objects. To me, a modern home is a happy home. In that spirit, I think it's a valuable exercise to occasionally remind yourself how you would choose to live if budget wasn't a consideration. Even if you never find yourself in that situation (which, let's be honest-- most of us won't), it helps keep you on the right path towards living in a space that makes you feel happy.

If money were no object, here are the objects I would love to live with:


  1. Lighting by Lindsey Adelman. Shown: Branching Bubbles - $19,800
  2. Anything (and everything) by Paola Lenti. Shown: Swing
  3. Modern fireplace. Shown: Shaker from Wittus, Fire by Design (See also: Malm Fireplace via Design Within Reach)
  4. Large-scale contemporary art. Shown: Green Bikini by Nick Weber via Tripoli Gallery
  5. Lighting by Serge Mouille. Shown: One-Arm Floor Lamp via Design Within Reach
  6. Imola Lounge Chair, Bo Concept - $2,595 (See also: Ludovica and Robert Palomba's Lama Chair)
  7. Walnut slab furniture by Hudson Furniture. Shown: Ironwood Coffee Table
  8. Bamboo Rug - 1801, Danskina
  9. Kurf-A Stool, Organic Modernism - $375
  10. XL Polder Sofa by Hella Jongerius via Hive Modern - $10,755
  11. Textiles by John Robshaw. Shown: Jasper Bolster - $190

(See more of my favorite furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories on my pinterest page.)