Chime in, please!

January 22, 2013 | Sherry

Maybe it's because it's winter and it's quieter around our neighborhood in the Hamptons, but I am hearing my neighbor's wind chimes loud and clear. Our house is in an old development behind a small hamlet. The houses are not "NY apartment close together", but neither are they "estate far away" from one another. Does anyone have the right to inflict chimes on another? If a neighbor were to be blasting music, one would be within one's rights to phone and politely ask the volume be turned down. But complaining about wind chimes seems a bit churlish!

via  Houzz

via Houzz

I have never really been in the thrall of wind chimes and don't remotely understand the appeal. I would love to hear readers' opinions about wind chimes and perhaps address the question of why one person's delight in the tinkling of glass or metal is another's fingernails on chalk. Chime in, please!