A Leather (Pull) Fetish!

January 10, 2013 | Sherry

I am tagging on to Alex's theme of thinking or hearing about a subject, word or object and then seeing it and reading about it everywhere. Leather pulls first caught my interest when I was traveling in Uruguay for the first time several years ago. I stayed at the La Posada del Faro  in the coastal resort town, Jose Ignacio. There in the simple, elegant rooms were little loops of leather set in a slim slit on the closet door; the ends attached to the inside of the closet. I recently returned to La Posada del Faro and was still enamored with the pulls. Uruguay has lots of ranches and therefore cows, so leather is readily available and inexpensive. Using the hides in clever ways makes sense.

Since I first saw those pulls two years ago, suddenly I am seeing "leather as hardware" everywhere for furniture, drawers and cabinets.

I, myself, am about to attempt a DIY leather pull project on two new sets of closet doors in my house. Watch for progress with pics and posts. In the meantime, inspiration!