A Colorful 2013

January 3, 2013 | Alex

Thank god for family (and friends that are like family.) Yes, they love and support you, but they also tell you when you're in a funk. And I have been in a serious funk-- a neutrals funk.

After Christmas Eve dinner, when my honorary godmother mentioned that my posts of late were notably lacking in bright hues, I went through my archives and confirmed it. The funny thing is, I think of myself as a lover of color. But somehow over the past couple months, I fell into a pit of black, white and greige.

So one of my New Years' resolutions is to incorporate more color into my blog posts. To ease into it, I thought I'd start with one of my favorite applications: a shock of bright, saturated color in an otherwise neutral environment.

It's a fun technique for highlighting architectural elements or defining distinct spaces:

RedOnline.co.uk, via  Pinterest

RedOnline.co.uk, via Pinterest

05 AM Arquitectura  | Photography byJose Hevia, via  Trendir.com

05 AM Arquitectura | Photography byJose Hevia, via Trendir.com

Dezeen via  Pinterest

Dezeen via Pinterest

And it's also a nifty, counter intuitive trick for distracting the eye from what might otherwise be unsightly or architecturally strange. The chartreuse refrigerator cabinet is brilliant-- it's always irked me how counter-depth integrated fridges create a weird lip between the refrigerator cabinet and the wall cabinets. But slap some wildly colored paint on it and suddenly it's a "design statement" rather than a depth incongruity. Ditto with the red radiator-- some pre-war radiators can be horrifying. But when I look at this one, all I can think is, "oooooh, RED!"

Eduardo's Tiny Sanctuary , via Apartment Therapy Small/Cool 2011

Eduardo's Tiny Sanctuary, via Apartment Therapy Small/Cool 2011

Victoria Smith, SFBayGirl via  Pinterest

Victoria Smith, SFBayGirl via Pinterest

Renters with leases that forbid painting, stay tuned for inspiration on how to achieve the same effect with furniture, lighting and textiles.

Happy 2013, all! I hope it's a bright one.