Trend Report: Kitchen Kilims

December 12, 2012 | Alex

I'm a big fan of Persian rugs in modern interiors, especially kilims. (Kilim just means a flat-woven rug from any of the areas lumped in as "Persian" in the context of rugs-- Turkey, Kurdistan, etc. And flatwoven means dog-friendly(ish)!)

One of my favorite design trends of 2012 was the use of kilims in kitchens and dining rooms. The utilitarian and often spare nature of kitchen and dining rooms gets right to the heart of the form-meets-function meets fun-colors-and-wild-pattern-just-because combination that's so dear to my heart.

For your viewing pleasure, I've scoured the internet for a few of my favorite examples of kilims in kitchens and dining rooms. Enjoy!

P.S. If anyone has any leads for where I could find a large, reasonably priced kilim, shoot me an email! I'm on the hunt for 8'x10' or larger for Ryan's office. Something along the lines of this little number.