One of a Kind Show: Top Picks - Home Decor

December 5, 2012 | Alex

In continuing coverage of the Toronto One of a Kind Show, I bring you home decor! Textiles and lighting, specifically. Don't fret-- I haven't forgotten about Ceramics Part II (See Part I). But after the pottery purchase bender I went on this weekend, I need a small recovery period. 

To make up for yesterday's black and white fashion picks, I'm going hog wild on color today. I suppose it wasn't news to me that dip dye was a major design trend in 2012, but something about seeing it all under roof as you wander from booth to booth really hammers the point home. 

Santa, if you read my blog, please bring me a mohair blanket. I've been relatively good this year. 



  1. Gingham Berry, Wild Haliburton Elephant Weavers - $450
  2. Poppy, Mod Pieces - $415 (Sold)
  3. Thora, Mod Pieces - $395 (Sold)
  4. Modern Twig Coat Hook, Studio Liscious - $25
  5. Throws, Coeur de Lion - $225
  6. Dip Dye Chair, Re: Style Studio - $1,200
  7. Nude Plaid Pillow,  Coeur de Lion - $75
  8. Antler Cushion, identity - $48
  9. Bluebell Eyes, Wild Haliburton Elephant Weavers