One of a Kind Show - Art

December 6, 2012 | Alex

I very nearly forgot to budget a day for art, so today I'm doubling up on One of a Kind Show coverage. Here are a few of my favorite artists from the show:


Sources  (clockwise from top left):

  1. Nippissing Rock by Sarah Tacoma, 9"x38" Photo-Encaustic - $620 CAD
  2. Geraldine by Sarah Hillock 60" x 36" Oil on Mylar (2012)
  3. Rockabilly Date by Kelly Grace, 5" x 10" Mixed Media - $80 CAD
  4. First Snow Parkdale by Stewart Jones
  5. Image 21 by Joseph Sampson, Sampson Studios, 16" x 20" Painting
  6. Icelandic Breeze by Mary Karavos, 30" x 40" Japanese and Nepalese Papers on Canvas
  7. Rhythm of the 20-degree Turn by Mizzonk, Paper - $280 CAD (Large)