Holiday Decor, Part II

December 7, 2012 | Sherry

As I mentioned in my post Holiday Decor, Part I, my goal for this holiday season is to use flowers and things from nature for my table settings and decor. One simple material that is inexpensive and useful for myriad applications is burlap. It is easily purchased at a nursery, a craft store or online. 

Here are a few photographs demonstrating how I have integrated burlap into the holiday decor scheme in my own home:

Photography by Sharon Korsgaard Kalita

Photography by Sharon Korsgaard Kalita

  1. In a table setting, as a tablecloth or runner;
  2. Cut into strips and tied into wreaths or used as a bow for packages;
  3. To wrap the pots of amaryllis flowering bulbs, paper white narcissi or other holiday plants. (Green lanterns from Pier 1.)
  4. A close up of a table setting, with a burlap tablecloth.