Gift Ideas for Those Who Like to Shop Last Minute!

December 18, 2012 | Sherry

It seems every blog, every newspaper, every magazine has "Gift Ideas for the Holidays".....Well, I have to say, I enjoy seeing the varied suggestions. Time Out NY has some skewed for a younger crowd, a hip crowd. My favorite was a mozzarella making class at Murray's Cheese in New York's Greenwich Village. Sadly, when I signed up Alex and Husband/Dad the classes were all full. I know they would have enjoyed some "cheesy" father daughter quality time. I was looking forward to using lots 'o fromage puns on the gift tags! Darn.

 I am always delighted with the British Financial Times magazine "How To Spend It" ideas from Technopolis (Yes, guilty!  I LOVE tech gadgets. I have used great restraint and not bought myself an IPAD mini because I don't NEED it.)

So, with the same enthusiasm I have for combing the media for great gift ideas here are a few ideas culled from my research. I hope you find some inspiration or ideas for your own gift list. Frankly, I wouldn't be at all unhappy with any one these gifts!

Oh, let me add,  I really believe that gifts should be useful, edible, desirable or personal and not just a gift purchased because one feels obligated. Even if you ARE obligated put some effort into it just to let the recipient know how clever you really are!

Erbaviva Children's Sunscreen and Organic Baby Lip & Cheek Balm is great for a new baby and Mom, making it a two-fer! The sunscreen is all natural with the highest SPF (30) possible without using synthetic ingredients. The Lip and Cheek Balm is good for baby's hands and face with calendula and chamomile.

BDG's Magic Testing Gloves "keep your fingers toasty (and texty)." The fingertips have a special conductive fingertips for use with touchscreens. As a one size fits all, these gloves work for texting teens to adult Blackberry fanatics.

I read about the dockBoss Air in the New York Times. If someone you know has a the IPhone 5 with the new smaller Lightening connector, then music docks with the old connectors won't work. This little device can put that old sound dock back into action wirelessly with its Bluetooth receiver that connects onto the old Apple 30-pin connector. You can pair it with any devices with Bluetooth. Pretty nifty!

Who doesn't love a delicious freshly baked croissant? Usually, one has to plan to purchase the day before or go out into the cold winter morning to forage for these treats. What could be better for any host than to have ready made frozen croissants in the freezer, thawing them the night before and "Voila!", family and guests are following their noses to the kitchen. These William and Sonoma croissants will cause even the sleepiest head to get out of bed. (Full disclosure: My friend Morrie Breyer, Interior Designer Extraordinaire and one of the most thoughtful original gift givers ever, sent me these. The croissants are  delicious, easy to bake and fit in with my gift giving credo.

And for the person who is always losing things, or as we like to say in our family, "misplaced temporarily" QR decals and luggage tags. The finder, (and yes, there are still honest people in the world who love to return lost items to their owners) "can scan the QR code or enter the unique URL on the decal or tag to access the contact information supplied by you and stored safely online, making it easy for your item to be returned." Sounds good to me and would suit a lot of people if they have a tech-y side.



  1. RuMeID QR Decals and Luggage Tags $7.99-9.99, Container Store
  2. dockBossAir  $34.99  CableJive
  3. BDG Magic Testing Glove $14.00 Urban Outfitters
  4. Erbaviva  Children's Sunscreen and Organic Baby Lip and Cheek Balm $22.00/$10.00
  5. Croissants, Set of 15  $39.95 Williams-Sonoma

Happy gifting and please share some of your own gifting rules and regulations!