Design Map?

December 18, 2012 | Sherry

Last week David Pogue of the New York Times reviewed the new Google Map for the iPhone. "It's free, fast and fantastic." says Pogue. Sounds great and I am ready to download it to my iPhone. But it got me thinking, what would a map for good design look like? Is it possible to navigate in the direction of good taste tailored to one's personality, to start off on the road to a beautiful abode, to chart a path toward  comfortable living? I began to ponder a design cartograph to help find solid footing on the route to making a house a home:


How do others find their way? Do constraints of time and  budget help or hinder the design process? Is a personal home not even on the radar for some? Is looking good without concern for comfort more important. Would love to hear from  readers on what navigational tools they rely upon to create a happy home.