Shop: TOO by BluDot for Target

November 14, 2012 | Alex

As I think I've mentioned on one or two (or forty) occasions Blu Dot is a real favorite of mine. See posts here and here for gushing.

It's part of their mission statement to create "products that are useful, affordable, and desirable." Affordable, of course, is a relative term. And while their products do reflect a design process that contemplates affordability, many of the bigger ticket furniture items are well outside my 25-year-old price range. At present, I'm enjoying more of an Ikea, Target, parents' basement/neighbors'-bed-bug-infested-curb-rejects phase of my life. 

Enter Too by Blu Dot, Target's latest brand shop. Sadly, it's online only. Which means I can only judge from carefully styled photos rather than touching the materials in person (always critical with diffusion lines). 

You know what also makes me sad? No lighting. I was initially surprised given how popular BluDot's lighting is. On second thought, however, the omission makes total sense given that BluDot's light fixtures are among their most affordable products and already tend to fall within the Target $150-$250 range. (No pun intended. Okay, maybe a little bit intended.)

But from what I can see the designs are pretty rockin'. In addition to the Lounge Chair  I featured in yesterday's round-up, here are my favorites: