OKL Challenge - Day 15: Ikea's Lack Shelf

November 7, 2012 | Alex

I recently installed Ikea's Lack Shelf in matte red in my bedroom in Brooklyn. At $14.99, it's one of their best value products. It definitely looks more expensive than it is. (Note: The super cool high-gloss finish, available in gray and red, is $16.99) I am also pleased to report that the floating bracket was surprisingly easy to install.

Now that it's up, it's looking a little bare. In part because I'm nervous about the weight load. Ikea claims it has a max weight load of between 11 to 33 lbs, depending on what kind of wall fasteners you use-- a pretty wide range! Because I have drywall, I did use anchors. But since my studs didn't line up with where I wanted the shelf, I've tried to stick to the 11 lb end of the spectrum.

For Day 15 of my One Kings Lane 30-day Challenge, I've styled the Lack  two different ways using exclusively products available via One Kings Lane.

Which style do you prefer?




  1. Resin Turtle Shell Lamp - $45
  2. Alysanne McGaffey California Seascape - $999
  3. Acacia Bermuda Bowl, 10" - $45
  4. Lack Shelf, High Gloss Gray  at Ikea - $16.99

(I was tempted to throw this mid-century vase  into the mix, to coax out the green tones in the painting and resin tortoise shell. But sometimes you've just got to edit yourself!)




  1. Round Jute Hanging Lamp  - $45
  2. The Pub Crawler, by Maurice Procter (Vintage) - $29
  3. Bound to Rise, by Horatio Alger Jr. (Vintage) - $29 (Fun fact: Alger is widely credited with creating the 'young adult' genre in the United States with his rags-to-riches stories, popular with young men during the Gilded Age.)
  4. Set of 3 Rattan Display Vases  - $149
  5. Lack Shelf, Red  at Ikea - $14.99
  6. Red Coral w/ Marble Base  - $149