OKL 30-Day Challenge - Day 29: Nursery Style

November 27, 2012 | Alex

Don't get all excited now, people. This post is in no way an indication that I intend to have a tiny person in my life anytime soon. Hektor keeps our hands full as it is. But all the cool kids seem to be decorating nurseries these days (Exhibit A and Exhibit B) and god forbid I miss the boat on what the cool kids are doing.

95% of the items in the mood boards are available via today's One Kings Lane sales. But a few non-One Kings Lane items snuck in. Obviously, the crib-- which I hear is a key component to the nursery. Since I don't know anything about babies, least of all where one buys baby stuff, I stuck in a white and walnut crib by Oeuf Baby. It's neat looking. If they made a bigger, I might just sleep in it. Board #1 includes a rocker/glider, which I understand to be highly recommended these days. Something to do with rocking your baby to sleep? Boards #2 and 3 do not include rockers or gliders, because I intend to hypnotize my baby to fall into a deep and peaceful sleep upon hearing the trigger word, "carrot." But just in case that strategy fails (which it won't) I did include a comfy chair and ottoman in each room.

How come nurseries are always so colorful and pastel-y? Is that a social convention or an actual developmental issue? If the latter, then imagine that board #2 is for a baby with two very spirited older siblings and the parents are really hoping this one turns out to be more of a chill, bump-on-a-log kind of baby.

It was a big day on One Kings Lane-- Ralph Lauren, David Hicks and emerging artists limited edition prints. Lucky little babies.


Sources  (via One Kings Lane unless otherwise noted)

  1. Sleepytime Rocker, NurseryWorks (via Bobby Berk Home)
  2. Gwen Chunky Knit Throw Pillow, Blue - $125
  3. Desert Modern Cube, Taupe - $1,399 
  4. Trevor 6-Lt Chandelier - $679 
  5. Kevin Russ, Street Walker - $169.00 - $269.00
  6. Oeuf Classic Crib, Walnut, Ouef Baby - $940
  7. Queen Mohav Navajo Knit Blanket, Natural - $379 
  8. Octogram Nylon Rug, Cornflower - $179-$1,859

Sources (via One Kings Lane unless otherwise noted)

  1. Driftwood Steel Lounge Chair, Black - $2,199
  2. Leather Moroccan Pouf, Grey - $183
  3. Cosmo Sconce, Bronze - $249
  4. Linda Monfort, Psychic - $129-$199
  5. Oeuf Classic Crib, Walnut, Ouef Baby - $940
  6. Cable Cashmere Throw Pillow, Camel - $169.00
  7. Logo Wool Rug, Amber - $299.00 - $2,999.00

Sources  (via One Kings Lane unless otherwise noted)

  1. Fairfield Floor Lamp - $569
  2. Driftwood Upholstered Armchair - $599
  3. Coach Wood Toy Car - $8
  4. Poodle Pouf, CB2 - $299
  5. Proudman, Carousel Horse Framed Print - $189-$299
  6. Oeuf Classic Crib, Walnut, Oeuf Baby - $940
  7. Aztec 20x20 Pillow, Blue - $115 
  8. Hexagon House Wool Rug, Beige - $249-$2,999