Artist + Designer Spotlight: James Devlin

November 16, 2012 | Alex

One of my goals when I started this blog was to use it as a platform to highlight local artists and designers. For whatever reason, I haven't done much of that since May-- for which I'm profoundly embarrassed. As a Manhattan-native-turned-Brooklyn-transplant, I'm a huge fan of the Brooklyn art and design scene. And what better venue to celebrate these super talented people than my blog (instead of my brain, which probably doesn't much help their public exposure...)

So here's the first installation in my new series, Artist + Designer Spotlight, where I intend to focus on emerging stars in the greater Brooklyn area with perhaps a few forays into other lands.

James Devlin

I discovered James Devlin over a year ago at the Brooklyn Flea, where he got his start selling the zig zag stools he was inspired to create after taking a welding class at Third Ward. It's been so exciting watching his business expand via his super sleek website. From his "About" section:

James Devlin Studio was founded in 2011 as a full service design atelier. The collection features singular furniture, lighting, and accessories that combine clear, modernist inspired lines with the richness of natural organic materials. In addition to the collection, we offer personalized design and fabrication services to a select group of individuals and firms.

James's work is available for purchase in his Etsy shop.

My favorite pieces from his collection:


  1. Zig Zag Stools - Brindle - $500
  2. Cassia Table - $800
  3. Zig Zag Table - $625
  4. Tuffet - $350
  5. Alabaster Table Lamp - $450