After the Hurricane: What a home really means

November 1, 2012 | Sherry

In light of the hurricane (or lack of light of for thousands in the Tri State area), I would like to say how very sad I am for those who have lost loved ones, their home and are suffering. As the sun is finally shining after days of darkness, I know many continue in darkness in their hearts and in their homes.

While Alex and I love design and want to reach out to others with inspiration and a sense of wonder,  Hurricane Sandy has made me think about the true meaning of home. I have been alone since Sunday in the apartment, not venturing out until Tuesday with plenty of time to reflect on the meaning of shelter. When all is right with the world, design fanatics are passionate about how their homes will look, should look, do look. But, what do design aficionados think about when disaster strikes?

I believe we think about WHO matters in the world, not what. And if one is lucky enough to have those held most dear safe, then we happily curl up on that old stained sofa, put our feet up on the awful coffee table, breath a sigh of relief and actually love our places just as they are!

Both Alexandra, her boyfriend, pup and I are incredibly lucky because our apartments have electricity and even cable. Alex's dad/ my husband (one and the same) has been stranded outside the country because of the storm, but is fine in a hotel.

The faded fabric on my reading chair is still faded and at the moment there is no desire to reupholster it. Instead am wondering what I can do to help others reassemble the fabric of their lives and get them to a comforting place.

Below is a link to some suggestions on how to help:

Sherry Kalita