West Elm Market Opens in Dumbo!

October 25, 2012 | Alex

Woo hoo! The West Elm Market is officially open in Dumbo, complete with a Philly-based La Colombe Torrefaction  coffee outpost. I'm so excited to check it out this weekend. AND so grateful to clever West Elm for figuring out a way to get my boyfriend to join me. It's a weekend activity he would normally object to on the principle that they do not show College or NFL football games at West Elm. (Ryan really likes football.)

But ya know what else he really likes? Good coffee. And man, does La Colombe have good coffee. A couple years ago we took an ill-fated trip to Philadelphia. It was one of those trips where just about everything went wrong and we must have said, "worst trip ever" a hundred times, but in the end, we laughed about all the crazy things that happened and had, maybe, not such a terrible time? (Only in retrospect, am I willing to admit that Philly isn't the 10th circle of hell.) Our trip to La Colombe redeemed it all. It was a bright spot on the trip and to this day, we still consider it a gold standard of coffee.

Here are a few of the items I'm scoping out at the Market (Also, check out how beautifully these were styled and photographed! So serene. The palette reminds me of my imaginary trip to Japan):