OKL Challenge - Day Eight: Channeling The Brick House

October 29, 2012 | Alex

Day Eight of my 30-day One Kings Lane Challenge is a dark and stormy one. We're hunkered down in Brooklyn with a week's worth of canned tuna and a bathtub full of back-up water, waiting out Hurricane Sandy. Mentally, however, I'm in California. In fact, I spent all day scouring the flea markets in the environs of Hemet with one of my favorite bloggers, Morgan Satterfield. Just a balmy day of happy thrifting with a seasoned adviser. Not a 60 mph wind gust or storm surge warning in sight.

Morgan's blog The Brick House, has a became a real fan favorite for Morgan's witty prose and unique home-- a combo of 70s era thrift store finds, quirky flea market art, well-documented DIYs and iconic mid-century modern originals (even a few replicas, as she's not afraid to admit). Lately, she's been nursing a real affection for fiber wall art, creepy cool portraits and West German pottery. But above all, her trademark is her color scheme-- "brown town," as she affectionally dubs it. Here are a recent few shots of her constantly evolving brown town digs:


For Day Eight of my 30-Day One King's Lane Challenge, I'm channeling Morgan signature style. So what did we pick up after a grueling day of imaginary sunshine and thrifting? Check out our haul:


Now normally I'd number each item and link directly back to One Kings Lane, but in light of the state of emergency in New York City, I'll kindly direct you to my pinterest board for direct product links. My emergency? There are movies that need watching and a scared puppy that needs cuddling.

In more hurricane news, Day Nine might not happen if we lose power. We're ready for whatever happens, but Hektor's in for a rough couple days. He's a brave pup-- he fears no dog or man. But strong sudden gusts of wind are most definitely not his jam. Hektor's spent most of the day hiding from the storm, curled up under the comforter with his favorite chew toy, a (naturally-shed) deer antler: