Foxy Lady Lamp

October 1, 2012 | Alex

I'm a space cadet today. I stayed up way too late last night browsing's Home line. I know, I know. Whaaat? On a work night? So wild. It's how I roll.

There was a lot of stuff I did not care for, to put it mildly. But Target Home has some real diamonds in the rough. A term I can't use without thinking of this, naturally:

Speaking of animals popping up where you least expect, check out this foxy Patch for Target lamp!

via  Target

via Target

The fox looks so regal. I like the brass with matte black shade combo. I'd put her (because she's clearly a lady fox) in an entry hall. To keep her from looking to formal, I'd pair her with an OSB console. Funk it up.



  1. Ikea Hack Mirror: Grundtal (Ikea, $39.99) + Black Spray Paint + Sisal Rope. Inspiration image here.
  2. Patch Fox Lamp, Target Home - $59.99
  3. Cube Table OSB, ROLU, rosenlof/lucas. Available via Mondo Cane NYC
  4. Chilewich Utility Mat, $45