Round-Up: Walnut @Etsy

September 20, 2012 | Alex

Cliche as it may be, walnut makes my knees weak. Etsy has a wealth of offerings in both solid walnut and walnut veneer. Walnut is expensive no matter how you slice it (no pun intended, honestly), so if I'm going to spring for walnut, I'd like to support small-scale craftsman.

I'm especially coveting the nightstand with exposed joinery (bottom left below). I know half-blind joints are standard for a drawer unit, but something about seeing the joints from the outside reminds me to appreciate the man-hours that went into the piece.


Items (clockwise from top left)

  1. The Butler, Micklish - $170
  2. Walnut Wood Turned Fruit or Salad Bowl, JLWoodTurning - Sold. Similar here.
  3. Modern Floor Lamp (Natural/Red), Ample Furniture - $595
  4. Danish Modern Inspired Walnut Night Stand/Side Table, Sukrachand - $1,100
  5. 12" Walnut Pepper Mill - Banded, Studio44Eighty - $175

For a complete list of my Etsy picks, including plenty more Walnut, check out my Etsy favorites.

Side note: It occurs to me, particularly as a female that enjoys,  albeit does not excel at, woodworking that these terms are pretty gendered, i.e. "craftsman" and "manhours." I'm definitely not one to get up-in-arms about terms like "mankind"-- because really? Are we any less a part of humanity because of a linguistic historical legacy? But in the case of furniture design and construction, particularly woodworking, I'm willing to be more conscious about language because I do think it's an industry that can still be tough for women. Are there more neutral alternatives that don't sound awkward?