Ikea Hektar Lamp

September 20, 2012 | Alex

I'm intrigued by Ikea's Hektar floor lamp. (Not be confused with Hektor, the puggle.) I spotted it on display at Ikea's Red Hook store. The shape is neat and the dark charcoal color is practical. And most importantly, at $70, the price is right!

via  Ikea.com

I'm hesitating because I've been disappointed in the past by the type of light that Ikea lamps throw off. Their LED lamps, in particular, are harsh and sterile. We bought the Stockholm  for Ryan's living room, but never turn it on for fear of imbuing the room with a dentist's office vibe.

via  Ikea.com

The Hektar isn't an LED, but I'm still skittish. And realistically, what we need is something to throw off ambient light. The Hektar is clearly a spotlight.

Then again, it does look great. Michael of 47 Park Avenue recently posted on the purchase of two grey lamps. I'm not sure if they are the Ikea lamps, but the Hektar is a nearly identical match. The style and "oversized" look meshes perfectly with Michael's awesome off-beat modern home:

Does anyone have this lamp? If so, any feedback-- positive or negative-- on what it does for the feel of the room?