Art at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams? Yup.

April 19, 2012 | Alex

Believe it or not, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams features some really rockin' art. The giclee prints of sketches by North Carolina artist Jim Morgan are particularly nice. And I'm not just saying that because one of his pieces is a landscape of Davidson, NC, home of my alma mater Davidson College.

I stopped in their SoHo location last night to pick up a fabric swatch before the Affordable Art Fair (more to come on AAF). And lo and behold, affordable art! Check out the links for a sense of scale.

[Note: Recognizing that affordable means different things to different people, I'm borrowing from the AAF's benchmark definition of "affordable" as $1,000 or less. Any pieces pictured that are currently on sale are listed at their sale price.]


Jim Morgan, Crossing Seventh Avenue  ($756)


Jim Morgan, Early Summer Storm  ($756)


Jim Morgan, From the North  ($996)


Jim Morgan, McAuley Road Farm  ($700)


Jim Morgan, Somewhere in Davidson, NC  ($700)


Karen Cappotto, Map IX  ($900)


Karen Cappotto, Twister 1  and   Twister 2  ($620 ea.)