Plastolux Room Collages + Turned Wood Projects

March 19, 2012 | Alex

Tyler Goodro's Plastolux is one of my favorite blogs on design. I was especially excited/disheartened (equal parts) by his recent post with a link to his pinterest page. His virtual rooms put my virtual rooms to shame. Even his board's name-- "room collages"-- sounds classier than "virtual mock-up." I will sulk for a little while longer. Then I will buck up and attempt to draw inspiration from his infinitely superior photoshop skills.

Not to lay on the admiration too thick, but I'm so intrigued by this cut glass  lamp project he's got going on. He's looking for a wood turner to make an base about 11" high and 6-7" in diameter. Presumably it will end up looking something like the lamps below?




The suspense is killing me! I'd love to be in a position to contribute, but sadly, my wood turning skills are amateur at best and the lathe I work on is too small for the task at hand. Sigh. I did make R a pretty kick-ass black walnut bowl for Christmas (left). Next on the docket: salt and pepper grinders. Something long, lean and unfussy. Similar to these ones (righ), but without the copper ring.


Assuming the builder we met yesterday comes back with a quote that's within the budget, we're going to install a couple floating shelves in the kitchen. Here's the (amazingly tidy) inspiration: