Alex Korsgaard Kalita

Alex launched Common Bond Design in May 2013, with the goal of offering flexible design services to clients within a wide range of project scope and budget. Her pragmatic approach to the design process is influenced by her professional background in the financial regulatory industry, where she worked in a dual operations / marketing role. Through evening courses in interior design at Parsons and instructional classes in woodworking and upholstery, Alex honed her contemporary aesthetic and built a practical skill set. 

Alex is particularly committed to minimalist philosophy, as well as the affordability and accessibility of good design. A lifelong hiker turned recent dabbler in adventure travel (and writing about it), she sees strong parallels between design for the outdoors and design for the indoors. Alex enjoys applying lessons drawn from nature to the more permanent shelters her clients occupy.

Sherry Korsgaard Kalita

Sherry is an amateur photographer and veteran of the fashion industry. She brings to Common Bond Design her strong instinct for color and composition. While her daughter Alex is a minimalist, Sherry introduces a slightly more decorative touch. And while Alex tends toward a cooler Nordic palette, Sherry is drawn to the bold colors and patterns of Brazil, where she spent 4 years. The partners’ aesthetic variation allows them to understand and reflect the visual preferences of clients within a broad spectrum.

Common Bond Design

Together, we’re an NYC design firm that tackles interiors and budgets large and small. Common Bond's approach to design is modern and predominantly utility-driven.

Our personal aesthetics reflect our Scandinavian heritage and experiences living in Latin America, inspiration drawn from the natural world, and our admiration for mid-century modern design. But when we work with clients, we’re most interested in unpacking what you like and why! Here are a few of the guiding principles we’ll always bring with us:

Function. Your home’s design should take queues from your lifestyle – and, in certain cases, your lifestyle can actually take queues from your home’s design. Our first step is to understand how you live and how you would like to live.

Personality. Who you are isn’t just your daily routine – it’s also your memories, your aspirations and your rich inner life. We want that to come through too. (Psst, this is why we’re big on art.)

Flexibility. You deserve good design, independent of circumstance. Whether your constraints are budgetary or contractually imposed (like by a landlord or co-op), we enjoy working within them.

Contrast. It may seem counterintuitive, but the most visually impactful homes are restrained. Like a photographer’s lens brings the subject into sharp relief against a blurred background, we’ll introduce contrast to selectively enhance the visual impact of what you love most.

Modernism. To us, “modern” means that beauty comes from a material’s essential nature, not from a fancy treatment of that material. Think the design equivalent of a simple salad, flavorful because of its farm fresh ingredients.

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